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Mobile Applications

Single tap to achieve your dreams, let us tap it for you!

Mobile applications are now everything needed to do something for anything! When you hear about an application was developed to calculate how many times you turned over at night to measure how deep was your sleep; you can figure out what can mobile applications do for your business these days.

The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.”-David Murphy

We are specialized in building the most sophisticated mobile applications in middle east depending on the experience of our mobile developers team that meets your vision and matches the needs of your business.

We are developing mobile applications using both native and cross platforms. As usual here in Clouds, we are covering all the possible technologies needed by the market in developing mobile applications, that’s why we have iOS, Android and Ionic developers in our team.

Native Platform Development

Our iOS and Android developers are showing their brilliant skills in every single feature built based on your requirements to produce powerful and flexible applications working perfect on all iOS and Android devices.

Cross Platform Development

Yes, the design of your application will fit all the possible devices that can run it. Wasn’t that your question?! We understand your concern about this point which worries a lot of clients, that’s why we use Ionic as our cross platform for developing mobile applications. Ionic is depending mainly on responsive in UI design. That means, one work of development + one UI/UX design = one app fitting on all devices.

The Lifecycle

First things first, the idea, this is always the starting point, we study your idea and share brainstorming between you and our team till we achieve the best vision of your exact needs.

We then start creating the UI/UX design of every single screen of the application to make sure of the consistency, efficiency, and completeness of the application as one whole piece.

Then the role of our developers comes, they start changing the static screens design into live dynamic screens. Following Agile, screen by screen, feature by feature, we start delivering application modules one by one.

After a long journey of delivering, testing, editing and updating, we reach “together” the end line that lies there on the App store and Google play where everybody is waiting for us.

Developing mobile applications is one of the most exciting tasks in the field of software. We are specialists in such service, and we are waiting for you to enjoy this excitement with us.