Colors and pixels talk

Web Design

Changing your row material ideas into a piece of visual design art is what we do!

We create awesome UI/UX (User interface/User experience) designs for your project that are creative enough to suit your ideas and market trends both together. We take care of producing beautiful designs that engage your audience and reflect your vision.

Pixel-Perfect technique is our main methodology during creating UI/UX designs for any software product. You will always find consistent, powerful and effective designs in our team’s work.

Design is always the start point of the software product story. The process of UI/UX design of any project is following a complete lifecycle passing through all stakeholders before producing the final concept.


Wireframing is considered to be the blueprint of the project’s UI. At this stage, we are only figuring out where to put elements and find the best place for each component. We are still not decorating anything, no colors no images, only plan sketches to setup the content of the UI.

Wireframe Simply, without Color, Imagery, or Style.”-Jeff Dance

Wireframing helps the client to view a complete map of how his project’s UI/UX will look like in real world, resulting finding tiny-but-important things that never thought about before.


At this stage, we start creating your visual theme based on what we have learned about your project. The look and feel of the whole project will depend on that theme. Style-Tile is a collection of most used elements that are in the user interface of the project like titles, headings, texts, images, buttons … etc.

Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”-Orson Welles

Style-Tile helps to ensure brand consistency across the whole project.


The idea of waiting for something makes it more fascinating.”-Andy Warhol

Here we go! The waiting is over, magic starts at this stage. Now the wireframes and style-tiles come together to produce a complete stunning creative design mockup. Now you can see the real visual design of your project comes to life with all colors and images that makes everything exciting from this stage and on.

As this stage is the most important and critical one, so it enters a loop of notes, requirements and more and more mockups between our team and the client till everything is setup in the perfect way and everyone is satisfied with the final look of the design.


Unrelated to the previous stages but not away from the whole process, we are providing our clients with a complete responsive design for the project’s UI to fit all kind of possible devices that can run this project. These days are the multi-device age, audience are running their websites and apps from different devices every day and they need to see the same UI/UX stability on all devices and we are taking care of that.

Responsive Design is better for SEO.”-Jay Weeks

We create responsive layouts that make websites visible on all devices. When audience view websites on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone; they need to feel that UI/UX is synchronized.

We believe that visual user interface is always the main scale of the interaction between the audience and the software product, so we are always working on creating the best of it to make each design for each project as our masterpiece!

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”-Milton Glaser